Questions and Answers

Q - How do You Choose a Dog trainer?

A - Dog training has rapidly evolved over the past few decades and it can be confusing for a dog owner new to training to figure out how to hire a dog trainer. First you need to understand training methods. Given the large number of training books, author-named "methods," and different "trainers to the stars," it may seem as if there are nearly countless ways to train a dog.

Q - What are Training Methods?

A - Training pet dog behavior is for two general purposes-"do" and "don't: First is training basic manners, or "do" - to perform desired behaviors on cue such as "sit," "down," "come," "stay," and "walk politely on leash." The other purpose of pet training is "don't do:-don't jump, pull on leash, run away, take candy from the baby and the like.

Q - How do Dogs Learn the Basic Manners Behaviors - "Do"?

A- Training basic behaviors falls into one of, or a combination of, three categories: 1) Lure-Reward (-R), 2) Compulsion-Praise (C-P) and 3) Marker-Training (M-T). At Hole in the Wall, we use no compulsion. Dogs learn to perform behaviors while having fun.