Hints for First Training Session with Your Dog

First SessionTraining Hints

1.    Class begins on time. Please arrive about 10 minutes early (especially the first class). There is just street parking on Bridges St so be careful getting out of your car with your dog.  Take your dog to potty in front of building or down along the side of building and around back. There is a trash can located behind the building. Don’t forget potty bags- I do have potty bags on the fence behind the building.

2.    If other dogs are attending class, please don’t assume that all dogs want to meet and greet. This class is for you and your dog to have a focused relationship with each other and act appropriately around other dogs. Enter the building into the waiting area or training area as directed by me.

3.    Your dog should have a flat collar, martingale collar or harness. Also a leash of 3-6 feet is required – leather or fabric.

4.    Dog must be leashed at all times entering and exiting the building and on grounds- no off-leash. Bridges St is busy and we don’t want any accidents. SAFETY FIRST

5.     Try not to feed your dog his meal before coming to  class. If that is not possible, then only give 1/2 the normal portion. The dogs will be nervous and excited and that can cause upset stomachs. We also want a very hungry dog so that you can hold the dog’s attention with your special treats.

6.     Bring about 40 little treats (about the size of a pea) – Vary the type such as some kibble, maybe cheerios, cut up mozzarella, cut up beef (very small) and maybe some other type of food that your dog really likes. We don’t want upset stomachs though. Keep in a little container. Pants with pockets are good or a treat bag attached to you will make it easy to get out treats.

7.     If you have not completed all your paperwork please bring to this class Remember that I need the proof of vaccinations. Rabies vaccine is a state requirement. (Not for puppies)

8.    Please do not bring a sick dog to class – vomiting/diarrheas. Call me and we can discuss.

9.    I will provide water for them; they do need breaks and will be thirsty due to the treats.

10.     If you dog has a favorite little toy, please bring. Some dogs work better with toys than treats. Chew toys are suggested for puppies or feisty dogs

11.     Actual working time in class is 45 minutes. Dogs can’t take much more.

12.    When you enter the building with your dogs let them sniff and check everything out. This is a new place and lots of good smells.

13.    If you are attending a group class and I find that there are some special issues that your dog may need addressed I will save that for after class. I try to give equal time to everyone during class time.

14.     If there are any questions that you have before class or during class please ask. Probably the other dog owners have the same questions.

15.    . You will receive the lesson plan for each class and homework assignments. – YES you have homework!

16.    Look over the Class rules and policies on the website for anything that I might have missed.

17.    Please turn off cell phones before entering the building. This is special time for you and your pup.

18.    What else??? If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO HAVE FUN DURING AND AFTER CLASS