Course Offerings

All courses are offered in 5 consecutive week sessions, 1 lesson per week.

The cost of group courses is $109.00 for 5 weeks .  Therapy Dog Training  is $125.00 for 4 weeks.

An additional fee is charged for therapy dog supervised visits and certification.

Private lessons are available at our facility or in your home. Call for current prices.

Puppy Start – 5 weeks             

Want to get your new puppy off on the right paw?  This is a MUST class for all puppies from 9-16 weeks of age.  Puppies will be ready for what is in store for them in the outside world.  The scary things in life will be dealt with in a doggy friendly manner.  Imagine the scary vacuum cleaner, the strange looking man, meeting other canines, sudden loud noises, body handling- all things that your puppy must adjust to for a healthy well-being.  You and your puppy will learn how to experience these and more . Puppy questions will be answered.  Fun activities and puppy games will be high on the list of class sessions. Information on puppy housetraining, chewing, grooming, equipment and training methods will be covered. All training will use positive techniques.  Follow this course with Advanced Puppy Classes starting with  Puppy Pre-Kindergarten.

Puppy Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten– 5 weeks

Learning is an on-going process but getting started early is a plus for both puppy and owner. This course is for puppies who have taken Puppy Start. You will learn how to have a well mannered dog at an early age. Basic behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come and leash walking will be reinforced in fun activities that both you and your dog should enjoy. Your dog will be able to socialize with other dogs in class in a safe and controlled manner. All training will use positive techniques. This course helps bridge the time from puppyhood to young adolescence. Follow this course with  Adolescent  Puppy

Adolescent Puppy Classes - 5 weeks

This course is for puppies over 5 months of age who have taken Puppy Start and Puppy Pre-K. . Skills and behaviors stressed in earlier puppy classes will be reinforced in fun ways. This is a great way to continue to have special  time with your young friend.

Doggie Manners, Level 1 – 5 weeks              

This course is for dogs 5-6 months to adulthood. Dogs at this age are feeling their oats and testing their limits. You are no longer the center of their universe. Life and social skills will be emphasized for these dogs. Basic behaviors including settle, sit, down, stand, stay, wait, place, targeting and come will be emphasized in fun activities using positive methods. You and your dog will work on loose leash walking and polite greetings. Dog topics and tips will be part of each class. We encourage you to continue to Doggie Manners, Level 2 to ready for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.

Doggie Manners, Level 2 – 5 weeks

Repetition is the key to a success. This course will emphasize more leash walking, polite greetings and reliable sits, stays, downs and come. By the end of this course your dogs may be ready for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Pre-requisite: Doggie Manners, Level 1

Doggie Manners, Advanced - 5 weeks

Still want to have  fun time with your dog? How about trying some interesting activities? All training continues to reinforce the needed dog manners for social and life skills. Love working with Fido? This may be the class for you.

Beginner Clicker Training – 5 weeks                    

This course will orient the handler and dog to the theory of Clicker Training, use of the clicker, vocabulary relating to Clicker Training, markers, treats and methods to produce behaviors that are desired. Shaping, capturing, and other methods will be used to form desired behaviors.

This is a hands-on course with the handler and dog participating in various exercises and activities. At the end of this course both handler and dog should feel comfortable using the clicker and be on their way with foundation skills and behaviors. The first class is held without dogs.

Tricks for Treats - 5 weeks

Have fun with your dog and learn some great tricks including, spin, weave, high five, wave, roll over, jump through a hoop, and many more. Approval from instructor is necessary. Dogs must have basic training and marker training experience

Canine Good Citizen & Community CGC Preparation 5 weeks

This course is for  dog and handler who need a little work and some refreshers in  some basic training that maybe have been forgotten or are weak.  Canine Good Citizen behaviors will be reviewed . Lots of fun in class for you and your dog.  The CGC Test will be administered when your dog is ready to be tested.

My Dog Has Class, Levels 1, 2, 3 – 5 weeks, ongoing  

This advanced course is for the mature dog that has completed Doggie Manners, Levels 1, 2  and 3 and has passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. The 3 D’s ( distance, distractions and duration) will be emphasized in everyday life occurrences such as waiting at the door, recalls around tempting distractions, leave it situations, polite walking with a twist, and table manners. Dogs enrolled in this class may be tested for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S) evaluations. Here is your opportunity to have your dog earn his Bachelors, Masters or PhD. Degrees.

Therapy Dog Training – 4 weeks                

This course prepares the dog/handler team for social pet therapy visits through the Foundation of Pet Provided Therapy-Love on a Leash. Some of the topics covered include better reliability of CGC behaviors, dog stress awareness and management, grooming, basic commands, additional therapy commands, tricks, exposure to situations encountered during visits, protocol in various facility situations, role-playing, and end of course evaluation. After completion of this course, a supervised field experience program of 10 visits will be required before the application process for LOAL certification occurs (additional fee). Pre-requisite: CGC Certificate, no aggressive behavior to humans/dogs. Instructor’s recommendation is necessary.

Advanced Therapy Dog Training Topics – Individual 1 hour sessions

Sharpen your therapy dog skills by attending these advanced special classes covering advanced behaviors /tricks; working with children; community presentations; and hospital/rehab or nursing home visits. Cost $20. Pre-requisite: Therapy Dog Certification

Calming Feisty Fido – 5 weeks     

This course is designed for highly energized dogs. The goal is to develop a settled manner in your dog and improve behaviors that may be lacking. Dogs and handlers not ready for Doggie Manners class may find these classes helpful. Class size will be small to allow special attention to all participates. Harnesses are recommended for this class with 3-4 foot leashes.

Stroll in the Park - 5 weeks    

Let’s take a walk around town and work on polite and loose leashing walking. Dogs will practice outside manners crossing streets and dealing with real distractions. This course will be held at a different outside venue each week to give the dogs experience in different settings. The first class will be held in the training center. Classes will be held twice a year in cool/warm weather. Not only is this a great class for the dogs but think about the exercise you will get from it. Pre-requisite: Doggie Manners or permission from the instructor.

Total Recall - 5 weeks

Want your dog to return to you with enthusiasm when off leash or in an emergency to save his life? Total recall begins with the first tiny steps to engage your dog in a great relationship with you. You must be better than all the environmental distractions. This course is for the handler who will make a commitment to spend serious time with his or her pet. An alert signal plus high value rewards are used in the course.  Supplies needed are high value treats, a whistle or other alter tool, and a long line.

Fun with Agility and Rally - 5 weeks

This course is designed for the dog who has taken previous classes at Hole in the Wall. The handler must have control of the dog. Dog must have basic obedience skills and a Wait/Stay.  Agility stations are introduced. This is not a course for those wishing to compete at trials. We just have fun!

Rally FReestyle - 5 weeks

Want to have some fun with your dog doing activities to music.  This is an advanced course for those dogs with some prior experience in following directions from his/her handler.  Rally FReestyle is a fairly new course. Dogs go from sign to sign with their handlers and follow the cue as directed.  Lots of laughs and maybe some new behaviors are learned.

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